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The Best Places To Propose On The Sunshine Coast

Asking your one true love to be with you for the rest of your life is a pretty freaking big deal. You don't want to get drunk at your local backpackers pub, decide to get married then go for kebabs. I mean, seriously, who on earth does something as tacky as that? *looks guilty and backs away slowly*

Aaaaaanyway, back to people who aren't me - proposing is serious business, and if you want to get the perfect 'down on one knee' photo, and an epic story to tell at your wedding, check out these options, stat!


For hands down the best proposal photos in history, book a miniature pony from Your Mane Event to accompany you while you pop the question. Mini Golden Palomino, Cherry will pose with you, styled for the occasion, to guarantee Insta-glory for the rest of your life. There are bigger horses available, but honestly, when you see this little munchkin, you won't be able to resist her.

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The Urban List - The Best Places to Propose on the Sunshine Coast

2 March 2018 Trixie Hillen


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